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Why we'd like to represent you in Concord

There was a time when the New Hampshire Advantage of low taxes, thrifty government and self reliant people made us the envy of our New England neighbors. New Hampshire was prosperous and free, and one of the best places in the world to live and do business.

Unfortunately, the Democrat majority in Concord has laid waste to our advantage.  They have spent every nickel in the state's coffers, borrowed millions more, and starting with the next budget will be about $800 million in the red.  Beyond the spending they've increased petty regulations like defining the type of ATV helmet; mandating that health insurance covers this, that and the other; forcing towns that have repeatedly voted against public kindergarten to provide it; and forcing New Hampshire citizens to accept Obamacare.

Well, we want to stop all that. Obviously, getting the state's spending under control will be our top priority.  In addition, we believe that the people of New Hampshire are smart enough to take care of themselves and don’t need nannies in Concord telling them to wear their seat belts, require health insurance to cover stomach stapling, and teach Internet safety in high school. Unlike the Democrats, we believe you know what you want and need, and you can spend your money more effectively than the state’s rapidly bloating bureaucracy can or will.

We are running for the State Legislature from Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield. We’ve pledged to:

  • vote to cut state spending at least enough to fix the $800M budget hole

  • vote against sales and income taxes and to repeal the dozens of new taxes imposed in the last session

  • reject regulations that make New Hampshire a more difficult and expensive place to live and do business

Please help us to restore sanity to Concord and restore the New Hampshire Advantage.

 We would be honored to have your vote on November 2

Carol & Dan McGuire   mcguire4house@gmail.com   782-4918 (9am to 9pm, please)

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